1001 Nights (2013)
for 4 acting musicians and video projections. Approx. 80 minutes, single act.
A revisiting of the Arabian Nights' enchanted and magical world in light of the current situation in the Middle East. Shahrazad, the innocent heroine of the original Nights, is here recast as a scheming character who is just as adept at entertaining and diverting an audience with her engaging, never-ending stories, though her agenda is gradually revealed to be rather more sinister than merely a time-wasting plot to distract her King-consort from taking her life. While in many ways remarkably true to the spirit of the original text, this updated version of the Nights does not end in marriage.
Performed by: Amanda Dean (voice), Philip Mead (piano), Kate Romano (clarinet) Enrico Bertelli (drums). May 2013.