WMDs (2003)
for acting vocalist, flute, tuba, and live electronics. Approx. 15 minutes
Written for the Society for the Promotion of New Music, 60th season. Site-specific to the Wapping Power Station, London, UK. Performed on 5 November 2003.
Performers: Katina Kangaris (voice); Nancy Ruffer (flute); Oren Marshall (tuba); Roberto Filoseta (electronics).
"... And Roberto Filoseta's WMDs, as the name suggests, was a sharp skit that debunked pre-war media frenzy (amplified chattering and typewriter tapping), then sent Kangaris wandering into the audience, calling "weapons of mass destruction?" with increasing desperation, as if searching for an errant cat. Who said electroacoustic satire was dead?"

Richard Morrison, Wired Up, The Times, 7 November 2003